Macarron Cometa

Embroidered Crew-Neck Cotton Sweatshirt

A comet is a star with luminous hair, which is made up of an excessively rare and powerful material, which describes extremely elongated orbs around the sun.

Comets are often the harbingers of important news or changes. The comet fascinate humans because of its unattainability and rarity. Each comet is different and mystical like every Misericordia clothes.

Sweat noir en coton brodé devant comète


Embroidered Crew-Neck Cotton Sweatshirt

These patterns represent strength, determination, ferocity and remind us the comics from the 90s or the pins we used to wear on our denim jackets.

The tiger totem is a common symbol of strength and personal power. The positive energy of the tiger is based on its natural, instinctive and extremely powerful strength. The tiger never backs down from any barrier, he never lets himself be defeated. He is moving forward, he is a born adventurer, even curious.

Sweat rouge en coton broderies sur le devant


Sweatshirt Hoodie Ample Cut

Sweatshirts are a comfortable and stylish addition to any man’s wardrobe. It is the perfect casual and lounge long sleeve sweatshirt.

Sweat à capuche noir


Sweatshirt Ample Cut

We tend to associate oversized sweaters only with the winter period, but this has not been the case for a long time! It is certainly a great ally when the days get cold, but it is also a very trendy fashion accessory for the sunny days!

sweat gris coupe ample