Many of you are now following Misericordia and it is thanks to you that we can evolve every day and offer you worked and refined pieces . This is why today we want you to discover more of our history, to take you on a journey to the heart of our adventure. Peru, an inexhaustible source of cultures, is our land of inspiration and motivation .

phtotography of the ocean in peru under a blue sky voyage misericordia lima

It is in this country that Aurelyen, the creator of Misericordia, finds his creativity to be able to offer you clothes with impactful messages and finishes worked in detail. Discover in your turn, through the many trips of Aurelyen, this wonderful country that is Peru. Let yourself be carried away by this richness that the Peruvians have to offer us!

photograph of two palm trees in lima in peru misericordia latin americaphotograph of a dog lying on the ground in peru latin america misericordiaphotograph of a sunset in lima peru latin america misericordia

Desert with multiple trash strewn on the ground
Photographed blue shed
Billboard without any poster photographed from in front of lima the capital of peru
Orange wooden shed photographed with part of the paint missing
Tree branch stuck between power line cables