Discover Misericordia's cutting-edge selection of committed French designers !

There are many jewelry designers within the community of committed artisans. Like Misericordia, we offer you a selection of artists with values ​​that are familiar to us and important to defend.

Here, we offer you the delicate and timeless jewels with aerial shapes by Eloïse Fiorentino . These treasures are handcrafted in her Parisian workshop-boutique using noble and durable materials.

Eloïse Fiorentino sublimates her know-how in her creations. From shaping the metal to create light and refined volumes, to working the surface to highlight random patterns, each jewel is unique .

At Misericordia, we admire the cold aspect of the metal, which contrasts with the roundness of the forms .
Limited series and unique pieces are the guarantee of not having the same jewelry as your neighbour!

double hammered metal bracelet eloïse fiorentino delicate brass

contemporary double length necklace eloïse fiorentino noble material

minimalist golden creoles original creation association with unique embroideries Misericordia craftsmanship
Encounter between the coldness of metal and the softness of satin embroidered earring
Close-up of hands holding a delicate golden chain necklace made in an artisanal way
organic forms combining know-how and plant inspirations, ethical jewelry and artisanal embroidery