Misericordia invites you to discover its selection of creative and committed jewelry brands !
bdm studio gold bangle bracelet fine gold adjustable size
Among them, BDM Studio jewelry. They are inspired by jewelry, but like her, they must reawaken the codes, rethink the design while perpetuating its know-how.
bdm studio piercing earrings gilded with fine gold
Jewels gilded with fine gold, adorned with rhinestones and semi-precious stones engrave their style in the timeless, chisel their message with flower of gold, covet other proportions.

There is passion, hope and imagination at the heart of the creation of the young label BDM Studio.
ring bdm studio gold plated adjustable size creative inspiration
The collections are raw in finesse, destined to be loved, inexorably: the fine knits intertwine, flirting with braided fabrics of references and now their names also open up other horizons: Tara, Secret, Orient, Beluga...

BDM STUDIO seeks a new lover of high-end jewelry, and for her, BDM STUDIO is redesigned every day.

A skin-deep design .
bdm studio necklace gilded with fine gold feather pendant length 62cm
In short, BDM Studio jewels are delicate jewels, which will awaken your style with a discreet touch. To associate with our Misericordia collection, you will turn heads !