Misericordia was born in Peru, situated on the Pacific coast, between Ecuador and Chili. The story of Misericordia, the fashion brand, begins in 2003 when Aurelyen, artist and globe-trotter travels the world in search of new cultures and artistic inspirations. After falling in love with Peru during one of his travels, he decided to settle in the heart of the vibrant Latin-America. More than a brand, Misericordia is primarily a project to conduct local and social work in Peru.

The Misericordia collection is a real social, economic, historic, philosophic and cultural reflection on Latin America and Peru, and on how this continent is linked with the rest of the world. Every garment carries emotions. Desire, sadness, humor, fear, music, and celebration run throughout our enterprise and our clothes.

Life is short, but Misericordia proves that we can be, that we all have a choice in us and that we can believe in ourselves.

La vie est courte, mais Misericordia prouve qu'on peut être, que nous avons tous quelque chose en nous et qu'on peut croire en nous-même.

It's in Lima's shantytown, that Aurelyen, our designer, met a small tailors team whith whom he tries a bet : built a local project combining artistic creations and social commitment.

Viva America Latina! This is where our inspiration come from, our passion, our style and our know-how. Every misericordia's piece is part of a global reflection about Peru and Latin america, the country's link with the rest of the world and the reality to which the peruvian face.

At Misericordia we work with our hands, our spirit and our heart, "manos, espiritu y corazon", but also with our head full of South American inspirations. Our stylist, Aurelyen, finds its inspiration there, in Lima, Peru. There exists a specific sensory experience that holds the promise of both a new contemporary Latin world and a new life for individuals and the community.