Clasica Avispa Sports Jacket Sapphire Blue Gold Embroidery

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Sizes S-XXL
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“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will rule your life, and you will call it destiny” – Carl Jung

In life, knowing your dark side can help. When you explore your dark side, it involves a process of acceptance , of compassion. The revelation of unknown areas, against which you had previously put up a protective shield. It's about gaining a deeper understanding of yourself, and providing yourself with the opportunity for personal growth. This pattern represents the exploration of an enigmatic world.

The now famous Misericordia jacket, emblem of the Lima tailoring team, features the embroidery "Hands, Mind and Heart" , embroidered large on the torso to proudly affirm the Misericordia motto: "Trabajamos Juntos con Manos , Espiritu y Corazon” (We work with our hands, our mind and our heart).

► Funnel neck, long sleeves
► Ribbed edges at the collar, cuffs and waist
► 2 side pockets
► Fabric very resistant to abrasion
► Zip closure
► Embroidery on the back
► Misericordia symbol embroidered on the chest
► 55% cotton 45% polyester
► Machine wash
► Made in Peru in the Misericordia workshop