Emocion Velas Shirt Black

Sizes S-XXL
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The candle is the symbol of love, tenderness and affection. Misericordia believes that sustainable and committed fashion can make the difference. Fashion is not just a question of appearance, but also a means of expressing oneself in accordance with one's convictions and one's thoughts. Our embroidery then images here this great human symbol of the light that illuminates, of the fire that warms , it speaks beyond words. The candles represent here the emblem of the wish, of the hope, it expresses what is important for the man.

Graphic embroideries are vibrations, a form of communication. Ours are irreverent, with a real authentic message. Funny, obscure, retro or rebellious - our graphics pack a punch. Misericordia shows us all its power with this new embroidery, symbol of today's woman in all her sensuality and freedom.

► Fluid and fitted shirt
► Long sleeves
► Front button closure
► Front and back embroidery
► 100% Cotton
► Machine wash
► Made in Peru in the Misericordia workshop