Querido Elefante T-Shirt White

Sizes S-XXL
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We cut down the tree that feeds us, we kill nature. Here, we propose an image halfway between symbiosis and metamorphosis in which by killing the tree, we also reach and kill the elephant. The very notion of ecosystem is presented here, in which plant and animal species are co-dependent.

As creatives , we are constantly stimulated by various, sometimes random, elements that surround us: visuals, sounds, texts, smells, memories, feelings, etc... It is by translating all of this into unique and engaged patterns that the magic happens!

Solidarity and compassion have guided Misericordia for 20 years. With reasoned production rates, we fight for responsible fashion . Step by step, let's build a just world.

► The model wears size M and is 188cm tall
► Soft-touch cotton jersey
► Round neck
► Printed on the front
► Slim fit - close to the body
► Machine washable
► 100% Cotton
► Made in Lima in the Misericordia workshop

Free the mind, open up to the world... Our philosophy goes beyond the very idea of ​​clothing: an ethical conscience in each of our creations, a human-scale project that limits intermediaries, a strong message that does good through beautiful.