Clipped Pinchmi Crab Brooch - Clap Paris

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Pinch mi or Pinch me? No, you're not dreaming, this super cute little crab does exist. It is the result of the passionate work of designer Laura Freeland of Clap Paris, who offers unique creations with assertive details and finishes.

Convenient to be elegant during a fishing trip in Brittany, don't forget your boots and your bucket and have fun forgetting the gaze of others.

Misericordia is an unconventional fashion that breaks free from traditional rules .

This clapperboard is in golden zamac metal . Zamak has the particularity of being light and resistant without oxidizing over time. Thus, your clapperboard will remain brilliant as the first day.

Its solid clip on the back allows you to clip it on everything ! Your bags, your shoes, your jackets and even your boots!

Nickel-free guarantee!